3 Common Types of Commercial Plumbing Leaks

by | Nov 22, 2022

Regardless of what kind of business you have, you need your plumbing system operating properly to keep things running smoothly. If there’s a significant leak anywhere on your property, it can cause major water damage to your facilities and potentially even disrupt day-to-day business. Plus, because commercial buildings tend to use much more water than houses, plumbing leaks can potentially be much more impactful. Your company’s monthly water bills can skyrocket, and you may even have major flooding to deal with. Here, we’ll cover a few of the most common plumbing leaks you may encounter in your commercial building. In the greater Beech Grove, IN area, you can always call us at Indiana Leak Detection to locate and repair water leaks on your property.

#1 – Pipe Leaks

One of the most common causes of water damage in commercial buildings is leaking pipes. Whether it be the main water supply line, the sewer line, or a pipe somewhere else in the plumbing system, a leak can mean a lot of lost water. These leaks can develop for several reasons. During the chilly Indiana winter, exposed pipes often become frozen, which can lead to them bursting. If any of the pipes in your business are old, they may develop leaks due to corrosion and the accumulation of gradual wear and tear.

If a pipe is leaking water in your commercial building, it’s imperative that you take action as quickly as possible. That means you need to know the signs to look for. Then, you can shut off your water and give us a call at Indiana Leak Detection. We offer expert commercial leak detection and repair services.

In some cases, the signs of a leaking pipe may be relatively obvious. You might notice water accumulating where it shouldn’t or water stains on the walls. If the leak is in your sewer line or main water line underground, you might see wet soil or unusually soft areas of flooring. It’s also wise to keep an eye on your monthly water bills to watch for any unexplained increases.

#2 – Toilet Leaks

Usually, toilets in commercial buildings get used much more often than those in residential ones. Even if you don’t have customers using your bathrooms, you probably have multiple employees using them every day. This means that the toilets and their components most likely take on quite a bit of wear and tear. If a part becomes loose or breaks, it could potentially lead to the toilet starting to leak. Alternatively, a malfunction with the tank refilling system could cause it to continue filling with water indefinitely, which will cause it to quickly overflow.

Usually, it’s easy to tell when a toilet in your building is leaking. If it’s overflowing and not stopping, it will quickly become a problem that needs to be addressed. In that case, your best course of action is to close the valve to stop the flow of water to the appliance. With a smaller leak, you’ll likely start to notice water building up around the base of the toilet. Either way, you’ll want to get it fixed as soon as possible before it gets significantly worse.

#3 – Fixture Leaks

Much like the toilets, the faucets in your commercial building probably see quite a bit of use each day. And the older they get, the more likely they’ll be to malfunction or develop leaks. In many industries, it’s extremely important that your employees can consistently wash their hands. So, you need your fixtures to be working properly. You might notice that even when the faucet is turned off, it continues to drip water. This may not seem like a big deal, but over time, it can result in a lot of wasted water. That can increase your monthly bills significantly. Plus, it very well may get worse over time, and the fixture may stop functioning altogether.

Usually, if a faucet starts leaking, it’s because a component has become damaged or worn out. For example, the rubber washer may have deteriorated, which can prevent it from forming an airtight seal to stop the flow of water. At Indiana Leak Detection, we offer expert fixture repairs. We’ll figure out why your faucet is leaking and get it fixed promptly.

Leak Detection Professionals

When you’re dealing with any type of commercial plumbing leak, you can always enlist our services at Indiana Leak Detection. Our trained plumbers are extremely skilled and experienced when it comes to locating and repairing all kinds of leaks. If you’d like to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment, simply contact us today.




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