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Water Main Leak Detection

A water main leak is a serious and sometimes dangerous problem that should not be ignored. Water mains transport thousands of gallons of water a day, so a leak can mean damage to your building and property, high water bills, sinkholes, and lots of wasted water. 

Sometimes a leak isn’t obvious to the untrained expert. To avoid costly damage and repairs, you need expert water main leak detection.

Indiana Leak Detection is the most skilled leak detection company in the Indianapolis, IN, area. We work quickly and if we do find a leak, we also provide water main leak repair services. If you suspect a main water line leak, call us right away. 

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Signs You May Have a Water Main Leak

Sometimes a main water line will develop an obvious major leak. Other times, a minor leak may develop that is more difficult to detect. There are a few signs homeowners can keep an eye out for that may indicate a leaking pipe in the home. 

Water in Your Yard or the Street

When a water main develops a leak, the leaking water often has nowhere to go, and it can bubble up into the street. Many Indianapolis, IN, neighborhoods have rules against water dumping, so it is important to address this issue right away when you notice it.

Another possible main water line leak sign is unexplained wet areas or sinkholes developing in your yard. These signs should not be ignored, as they can pose a real danger to animals and children.

If you notice bubbling water in the street in front of your house or wet spots in your yard, call us for our leak detection service right away.

Wet Spots or Puddles Inside

If you notice wet spots or puddles inside your home, that is a clear sign that you may have a main water line leak. Pay attention to the areas around sinks, toilets, and tubs. If you notice persistent and unexplained wet spots, call for our water main leak detection service right away. 

Damp Drywall 

The drywall in your home should always be dry. Walls and ceilings that are damp or have signs of water damage need to be addressed right away. Water-damaged drywall can cause damage to the structural integrity of your home and is also a sign of a larger underlying issue like a leak in your water main.

A Water Main Leak Could Lead To Unexplained High Water Bills

Unless you’ve had unusual activity in your home, your water bill should be relatively consistent. If you notice unusually high water bills, that could indicate a problem with your main water line. 

When there is a leak in your water main, that means water that should be going to your faucets and appliances is leaking out and being wasted. Not only is this a huge waste of water, but you’ll end up paying for all of the leaked water that you didn’t use. 

Low Water Pressure

No one likes low water pressure. If you notice the pressure in your shower or sinks is low, this could mean there is a problem with your water main. Problems in the line, including leaks, can make it impossible for the system to provide consistent water pressure. 

Occasional low water pressure is nothing to be alarmed about, but if you notice it consistently, call Indiana Leak Detection right away.

Indiana Leak Detection’s Inspection

Indiana Leak Detection is the regional leader for leak detection services when it comes to this type of detection. We’ve been in the industry a long time, so in many cases, we can find a leak when others cannot. 

Our leak detection experts utilize a range of sophisticated techniques, including thermal imaging, gas filling, and geophones. No matter what issues you may encounter, our Indianapolis plumbers at Indiana Leak Detection have extensive experience finding and addressing leaks of all kinds. 

We use technology along with our years of experience to find the leak quickly so that we can start working on repairing the impacted area as quickly as possible.

Trust Indiana Leak Detection

Indiana Leak Detection is more than just a full service plumbing company. We’re a dedicated service provider committed to quality and invested in the Indianapolis, IN, community. 


We believe in educating our customers about their main water line and providing knowledge and tips that can prevent future leaks. Our staff is background checked and drug tested, and we take a series of precautions to keep your home clean and safe.

Whether you need leak detection or water main leak repair, you won’t find a more dedicated company. Call Indiana Leak Detection today at (317) 497-0024.

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