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You should never try to locate the source of a gas or sewer leak on your own. These types of leaks are very dangerous. Only professionals who specialize in leak detection should attempt to find a leak. If you think you may have a gas or sewer leak leave your home, contact Indiana Leak Detection right away and allow us to become your Avon leak detection specialist.

It’s important to address problems in your plumbing as quickly as possible. Contact us at (317) 497-0024 and we will provide you with immediate service to get your home back to normal.

Benefits of Leak Detection Services

Our leak detection services can protect your home and family from potential harm due to gas or sewage leaks. Both problems can be devastating to a home and can be easily prevented with help from our experts.

Benefits of our leak detection service include:

  • Protection from the health hazards of a leak: Both gas and sewage leaks can be harmful or even deadly to yourself and your loved ones. Keep your family safe with our leak detection services.
  • Protection of your home: Gas leaks can cause potential fires, while sewage leaks can damage flooring and furniture. You could save a great deal of money in damages by using our detection services to prevent the potential hazards.

Damage to your home can take time to repair and cause stress on you and your family during the process. Save yourself from this inconvenience by preventing the problem before it begins with our leak detection services.

Leaks in a gas or sewer line means that these products that you are paying for are being wasted. You can lower your water and gas bills since our leak detection services result in less leakage problems and early detection.

Identifying Leaks

Signs that your sewer line has a leak include:

  • An unpleasant odor coming from the line: Sewage is likely to have a strong, unpleasant odor that will quickly alert you of a leak that needs our attention.
  • Moisture under the sink can be a sign that the trap in the pipe is broken or leaking: Check for this moisture and alert us of any potential leakage. Also, damp sewage pipes or moisture build-up under pipes are also a sign of a leak. Most pipes in the basement are exposed, making it easier to detect moisture in this space.
  • Water spillage around the base of a toilet: This can indicate that the toilet’s sewer line has a leak due to damage; it may also result in a rocking toilet as an additional sign for a potential leak.
  • The sound of water running when no water-using appliances are being used.

Another potential problem addressed with leak detection services is a gas leak. There are several common signs that you may have a gas leak. The most obvious is a rotten egg smell that the gas will emit when there is a leak. This odor is added to natural gas so that a leak can easily be detected. Another less obvious sign is hearing a hissing sound from the line where the leak is occurring. You may also notice water bubbling from outdoor gas lines that are leaking or debris being blown around near the leak.

Call our leak detection specialists in Avon today at (317) 497-0024.  We are committed to ensuring that your plumbing is reliable.


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