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Expert Drain Cleaning Services in Indianapolis, IN

When a drain or sewer clogs, it can cause a mess that no one wants to deal with, let alone cause costly damage. A backed-up sewer can disrupt your whole day, or even affect your business, so don’t ignore the problem. As soon as you notice the signs of a clog, don’t hesitate to contact the plumbing professionals at Indiana Leak Detection. Our team of Indianapolis drain cleaning experts will work quickly and efficiently to get your pipes flowing again. No drain cleaning job is either too big or too small for us to take care of here at Indiana Leak Detection. Our team of leak detection experts have years of combined experience and are equipped with high-quality material and equipment to help get rid of any type of clog in no time. Calling a professional instead of trying to take care of a clogged drain yourself is critical for ensuring thorough cleaning, as well as for ensuring that no further damage is made. If you are looking for professional drain cleaning services in Indianapolis, IN, you can trust us to deliver nothing but high-quality services by the most trusted and experienced drain cleaning experts in the state.

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Common Signs of a Clogged Drain

Is your sink draining slowly? Are you standing in a pool of water while you shower? Your drains might be clogged. If you are unsure what might be going on in your pipes, the professional plumbers at Indiana Leak Detection can help determine the problem and plan a solution for your Indianapolis home.

Common signs of a clog include:

  • Standing water in your shower
  • Unusual sounds coming from the drains
  • Water comes up instead of down when flushing
  • The toilet gurgles when water is used elsewhere

Several common household substances can cause your drains to clog, including shampoo, detergent, soap, and grease. Being mindful of what you put down your pipes can help prevent problematic clogs, but the accumulation over time of these substances combined with dirt, grime, and hair can add up. Preventative drain cleaning maintenance is an important part of keeping your drains clear and undamaged.

Why To Call An Indiana Drain Cleaning Professional

As tempting as it can be to reach for a drain cleaner from the store to fix your clogged drain, the safest and most effective way to get your water flowing again is to call our professional plumbers at Indiana Leak Detection. Off-the-shelf drain cleaners are made up of harsh chemicals that can damage your drains and speed up the corrosion process, leading to burst pipes and more headaches. Don’t make the problem worse – stay away from DIY drain cleaning solutions.

24/7 Emergency Drain Cleaning

When a plumbing emergency hits, it’s often at an inconvenient time. Luckily, our friendly plumbers at Indiana Leak Detection are always on call in Indianapolis to help get your pipes flowing again with minimal disruption to your day and your space. No matter what time of day it is, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be there when you need us most. We offer a wide range of drain cleaning services from hydrojetting and traditional drain snaking to video camera inspections!

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