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At Indiana Leak Detection, we are committed to assisting our valued clients throughout Greenfield with all their leak detection needs. We understand that some plumbing leaks are easy to diagnose and pinpoint, but others may be masked and more difficult to identify.

Because detection and location of leaks are important steps in the repair process, we utilize advanced techniques that provide rapid results. However, you will need to know when to contact us for service. Allow us to become your Greenfield leak detection specialist!

Do you suspect water leaks in your home? Call us today at (317) 497-0024 or fill out our contact form and we can dispatch a reliable, knowledgeable specialist to your home right away.

What Are Some Benefits of Leak Detection Services?

There are several ways to detect gas leaks, plumbing leaks, and sewer line leaks. With our advanced techniques, we can often locate the leak without having to dig a trench, rip a hole in your wall, or damage your home in any other way.

Our services are fast and affordable. They also keep your property in great shape while avoiding future disasters. Altogether, advanced detection services are a true benefit to homeowners, and we employ the most advanced methods available.

Do I Have a Gas Leak?

While we are skilled at detecting and repairing plumbing leaks, we can also work with you on gas leak detection and repairs. These can be difficult to detect, but you should contact us if you smell a gas odor in your home or outside of your home.

Gas appliances, such as hot water heaters and stoves, need to have a gas supply. When they stop working or work less efficiently, you may have a leak. Gas leaks are serious and potentially dangerous, so repair service should be scheduled immediately. We will respond to all gas leak service requests promptly.

Identifying Sewer Line Leaks

Our technicians can also help you with sewer line issues. Our innovative and effective services can accurately detect a leak, however, you may also suspect a leak if you smell sewage in your yard. In addition, a sewage leak may result in a pool of sewer waste in your yard. In some cases, a leak may result in difficulty removing waste from your home and you may notice signs of drainage issues in your sinks and tubs or when flushing the toilet.

If you notice any of these signs, contact Indiana Leak Detection for fast, reliable Greenfield leak detection and repair work for your sewer line. You cannot repair damage to your pipes, sewer line, or gas line until you know for sure that there is damage and where that damage is located.

If you are confidently aware of damage or if you merely suspect a problem, you can easily set up detection services by calling our office today. We want to assist you with all of your plumbing and gas line needs. We are available to schedule an immediate appointment with you.

Call Indiana Leak Detection today at (317) 497-0024 to request an appointment with our knowledgeable technicians and we will send a professional to your home.


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