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It is important as a homeowner to always watch for signs of problems in and around your home so any leaks or damage can be dealt with before they become a big problem. When you use qualified professionals to detect water, sewer, and gas line leaks you can prevent severe damage and make sure that any leaks are repaired quickly and efficiently.

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What Are the Benefits of Leak Detection Services?

The longer a leak persists, the more damage you’ll eventually have. The greatest problem with a hidden leak is that it can damage the structure without your knowledge. By the time you find the problem, you could be dealing with much larger issues. A slab leak, for instance, can eventually lead to the development of mold and foundation problems.

We offer these services to help you avoid this hidden damage. We hope you’ll enjoy the following benefits of our leak detection service:

  • Saving time:Rather than spending weeks or countless man-hours searching for the leak yourself, you can trust our team to find it quickly using state-of-the-art equipment and our extensive training.
  • Avoiding damage: Quick responses to leaks helps you avoid hidden damage.
  • Reducing repair bills: Not only will you spend less money on fixing a leak that’s just starting, but you’ll also lower your repair bills by minimizing damage.
  • Saving money: Leaks in fresh water lines lead to costly water bills, but we’ll help avoid that sticker shock.

Identifying Gas Leaks

Natural gas has no odor or color, however, utility companies put an additive in the gas that makes it smell. Most people compare it to the stench of rotten eggs. If you notice this odor in or around your home, you should call for service immediately to determine if there’s a leak.

A hissing sound may also accompany a gas leak. The noise can help us locate the leak. Moist areas outside the home may start to bubble if there’s a gas leak in the area. Finally, gas will kill nearby vegetation. If you have plants near gas lines that die mysteriously, there could be a leak that needs to be addressed.

Does Your Sewer Line Have a Leak?

A sewer line leak usually starts small, but it will continue to grow if it’s neglected. Unfortunately, you may not be aware of an issue until it starts backing up into your home.

It’s always better to fix these problems when they first start, but you need to know what to watch for. Call us for service if you notice any of these warning signs around your home:

  • Slow drains throughout the property
  • Frequent back-ups into the lowest drains, such as your basement or laundry tub
  • Gurgling noises from the drains
  • Rising and falling toilet water levels
  • The smell of sewage inside the home
  • Areas outside the home that are constantly wet, even when the weather has been dry
  • Sink holes around the yard
  • Raw sewage seeping up into your landscaping
  • Damage to foundation walls, including cracking
  • Water stains around the basement floor drain

At Indiana Leak Detection, we believe in helping you prevent damage. We offer leak detection services in Fishers and beyond to ensure that your home is safe from problems with your water, gas, or sewer line. Trust us for preventive services or when you suspect that you have a leak.

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