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No home or business owner wants to discover a problem has developed with their sewer line or find drain leaks have emerged at some time during the night. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, and these problems do tend to occur eventually. These are unpleasant problems to have to deal with, but you can be assured that we are here to fix them as quickly as possible in order to get everything operating correctly once again. Rely on Indiana Leak Detection to become your sewer and drain leak service experts in Indianapolis.

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Causes of Sewer Line Problems

That lovely tree growing on your property may be the cause of your sewer line problems. Tree roots are forever seeking water, and they can grow straight up into your sewer pipe or grow around it until it tightens so much that it causes the pipe to become crushed. Even if your trees are planted well away from sewer lines, the roots can grow very long and eventually reach out for the water in the sewer line.

Other problems can arise from older pipes simply wearing out and becoming cracked or collapsing, a blockage that has resulted from something being flushed that should not have been, or even the failure of a septic system if you aren’t hooked up to city water.

Indications that You May Need Expert Assistance

When your toilet, bathtub, and sinks all show signs of backing up at the same time, you can be sure it’s a good possibility that the sewer line is in need of repair rather than just a simple clog at one location.

Other good indications that it’s time to call us for leak detection is when you flush your toilet and water backs up in the shower, you run the bathroom sink and the water level rises in the toilet or the water in the toilet begins to bubble, or if you try to use your washing machine and water backs up in the toilet or sinks or it causes the toilet to overflow.

Do You Have a Drain Leak?

You may not realize you even have a drain leak until you receive your water bill and find it much higher than normal. Unless you’ve been using a lot of water for home projects such as watering your garden, then a higher water bill may very well indicate a drain leak.

Other signs include a nasty odor that seems to be coming from the walls or floors that are located near the sewer pipe or drains, cracks that have formed in your foundation, a toilet that runs continuously until you are forced to jiggle the handle to get it to stop, and the sight of water in any areas that have no business having the presence of water.

Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you think you are experiencing any of these problems or if you have any concerns or questions. We are happy to help and are well-trained to repair any of these problems. You can be assured that we will take care of everything promptly so you can get on with your life. We provide sewer & drain leak detection in Indianapolis as well as in the surrounding areas!

Don’t let a sewer or drain leak in Indianapolis cause chaos in your life. Contact Indiana Leak Detection at (317) 497-0024 for services you can trust.


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