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With the countless pipes, hoses, gaskets, and faucets running throughout a property, a leak is a relatively common occurrence. In some situations, a leak requires nothing more than a quick patch or the swapping of a hose, but others are going to require the use of specialized tools and techniques to find the leak and repair it as quickly as possible. This is why all home and business owners should understand a few of the most common signs that leaks are taking place and the importance of repairing this damage as quickly as possible.

At Indiana Leak Detection, our techs are equipped with the means to properly diagnose and treat all of your indoor and outdoor leaks. From gas and sewer line leaks to your pool and spa, we’ve got you covered. Count on us to become your reliable Zionsville leak detection specialist.

Water leaks cause extensive amount of damage to your home. Have the pros at Indiana Leak Detection inspect yours today. Call us at (317) 497-0024 to get started!

What You Can Expect

Leaks can take place in a number of systems throughout the home including gas lines, sewer lines, indoor plumbing, and compressed air lines. The primary benefit of leak detection is cutting down on wasted resources. Even a minor leak can mean an overworked compressor or ever-increasing energy bills as well as a larger carbon footprint.

Detecting a leak early on will also help to prevent or minimize damage. When it comes to a leak in the plumbing or sewer system, water damage can lead to ongoing foundation issues and damage to business or private property. Finally, leaks with water lines and gas lines can mean ongoing safety issues including the development of mold and a much higher likelihood of a fire or asphyxiation.

Do I Have a Gas Leak?

A gas leak is not only wasteful, it can also be extremely dangerous, and this is why everyone should understand a few of the leading signs a gas leak is occurring on their property. Not only is gas flammable, it displaces the oxygen that humans need to survive, and this means the primary sign of a leak is the smell of sulfur or rotten eggs. Any indication of fast-moving air, such as swirling dust near gas lines or a hissing sound, should also result in an immediate call to one of our leak detection specialists.

Identifying Sewer Line Leaks

The main sewer line is often the largest drain within a home or commercial building and this can mean a large amount of damage in a short period of time. The number one sign that a sewer line is damaged is a major shift in soil around the sewer line due to displaced water.

When a sewer line is damaged, it will also lead to plumbing issues within the building such as clogs and blockages in sinks and drains. Residents should also check around the foundation of their home at regular intervals for signs of water damage, especially around the foundation of a home and the basement. There may also be damage or corrosion around the piping.

Leaks on private or commercial properties are a situation that no one should ever let spiral out of control. The team of Zionsville leak detection specialists at Indiana Leak Detection can help you locate and eliminate these problems and allow you to get back to your life as quickly as possible.

Get your leaks treated today before it causes more damage to your home. Contact us at (317) 497-0024 and get started today!


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