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It is very important to have leaks detected right away. Gas leaks put you at risk for fire, explosion, and carbon monoxide poisoning. Sewer leaks, on the other hand, can cause expensive damage to your home’s foundation and can even result in your water supply being contaminated with sewage. With help from our leak detection experts, you can find and correct leaks long before these problems arise.

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What Are Some Signs that You Have a Gas Line Leak?

Natural gas does not have an odor to it, however, gas companies add a smell for safety reasons. This scent smells like rotten eggs and because it is unpleasant, everyone can easily detect it.

This is one way you can detect a gas leak; however, an odor is not present in gas lines leading into your home. If you have a gas leak on the exterior of your property, you may see other signs. Plants and grass may become brown or discolored as if they are dying. The vegetation might be getting enough water, but it doesn’t seem to help. In areas of the ground that are covered with water, there may be bubbles coming from the puddles. With large gas leaks, it is possible to see dirt blowing up from the ground and this may be accompanied by a hissing sound.

Does Your Sewer Line Have a Leak?

Indications that you may have a sewer leak include:

  • Persistent smell of sewage: Sewer lines are sealed enough and buried deep enough that you should never smell anything.
  • Sunken areas of ground: This comes from moist dirt and often this moisture will also be seen on the surface.
  • Increased pests in your yard: A sewer leak attracts many bugs, and this leads to an increase in rodents and other animals that feed on them.
  • Water damage visible on the foundation of your home:When the foundation starts to show signs of water damage and there is no apparent water leak, it may be due to a sewer line leak.

What Are the Benefits of Leak Detection Services?

Detecting a gas leak in your home can save your life. In fact, if the gas leak is coming from your home, you need to leave your home and call us immediately. Natural gas fumes can kill a person if they are inhaled for only a few minutes. There is also the chance of an explosion because gas is flammable.

In the case of a sewer line, the amount of money needed to replace an entire sewer line represents one of the most expensive plumbing repairs for a homeowner. Early detection can save a lot of money. In addition, early detection of a sewer line leak can help prevent serious damage to the foundation of your home and foundation repair is very expensive.

Whether it is a gas leak or a sewer line leak, the best time to find the leak is at its beginning stages. When the leak first starts, it is often small enough that it can be repaired at a much lower cost than the repairs that will be needed if the leak is detected later.

If you suspect that you have a gas or sewer leak, simply give us a call at (317) 497-0024. We can send a Columbus leak detection technician to your home to diagnose the problem.


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