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DIY Leak Test at home? If you run into any issues, we can help. Indiana Leak Detection is the leading provider of leak detection and repair services in Indianapolis. We have the experience and training to diagnose and treat every leakage issue, from your sewer and gas lines to your indoor pipes and fixtures.

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Have a Leak? Try A DIY Leak Test From The List Below

If you suspect that you have a leak in your home, you may desire to conduct some at-home tests prior to contacting a professional. We totally understand! Performing a DIY leak test is a great way to save time and money.

The Meter Test

This test is relatively straightforward and only requires about 30 minutes of your time. You will first need to note the current reading on your water meter. Then you will need to wait 30 minutes. Make sure that you do not use any water during this time. This includes using plumbing fixtures such as faucets, taking a shower, or flushing a toilet.

After 30 minutes, go back to the meter to take a second reading. If the numbers have not changed, you do not have a leak in your pressurized water system. That is good news!

On the other hand, if the numbers did change it means you have a leak. To identify if a leak is coming from a toilet, shut off all the valves under your toilets, and repeat the test. If the numbers do not change, it means you have a toilet leak. If the numbers do advance, you will need a professional plumber to help you discover the source of the leak.

The Dye Test

A leaky toilet can cost you a lot, both in wasted water and wasted money. If you suspect that your toilet may be leaking, there is an easy DIY test to help you confirm. Remove the lid from the toilet tank and add a few drops of food coloring or a dye tab to the water in the tank. Don’t flush. Wait about a half an hour and look to see if any of the dye has made its way into the toilet bowl. Colored water in the bowl indicates a leak, while clear water means you’re in the clear.

Repairing a leaking toilet is relatively easy and inexpensive. Give our plumbers a call to have it fixed quickly and reliably.

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Whether you have performed a DIY leak test and discovered that you have a leak, or you still feel that something is off with your plumbing system even though the test results were negative, give us a call. Our Indianapolis leak detection and repair experts are prepared to handle your issue with efficiency and effectiveness. We serve Indianapolis and the surrounding areas!

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