Everything You Need to Know About Plumbing Leak Detection Technology

by | Oct 27, 2022

Nobody likes dealing with water leaks in their home. When a pipe starts leaking water, it can lead to a variety of frustrating problems, including expensive water bills, poor water pressure, and even mold and mildew growth. However, when you catch plumbing leaks early, you can usually avoid the worst of these consequences. Thanks to advancements in technology, professional plumbers are better at detecting and finding water leaks than they’ve ever been before. Here, we’ll take a look at current plumbing leak detection technology and how it helps keep your household functioning properly. When you need leak detection services in the Indianapolis, IN area, you need not look any further than our expert team at Indiana Leak Detection.

Modern Leak Detection Systems

As more homeowners realize that they can fight back against plumbing leaks, more of them are starting to invest in leak detection systems for their homes. These systems come in several forms, but many of them work similarly. Typically, these systems consistently monitor the flow of water through a pipeline. Whenever they detect anything unusual with that flow of water, they will automatically shut off the supply of water to the home. That way, if the system suspects that you’re dealing with a leak somewhere, it prevents any additional water from being wasted and ensures that you don’t end up with a flooded home.

Many modern leak detection systems also have Wi-Fi connectivity, allowing you to monitor and track your home’s water usage in real-time. For example, your system may be linked to an app on your phone, which will instantly alert you whenever it suspects a leak. Then, you can reach out to local plumbing professionals to locate the mystery leak and, if necessary, repair the pipe.

Another benefit of modern leak detection systems is that they can detect when the pipes in your household are in danger of freezing. If your pipes freeze without you being aware of it, they can eventually burst, which can quickly turn into a serious problem for your home. However, many leak detection systems will constantly monitor the temperature of your pipes. If your system detects that the temperature of a pipe has dropped below freezing, it will automatically shut off the flow of water to that pipe and alert you of the situation. Then, you can decide if you want to add insulation to your pipes or wait until the temperature rises to restore the water flow.

Leak Detection Cameras

Another method of leak detection that is becoming more popular is the use of special thermal cameras. Many plumbing professionals are using these advanced devices to locate water leaks in concealed pipes. Essentially, these leak detection cameras use infrared rays, which are sensitive to heat, to detect the temperatures in water lines that are located behind walls. For example, if a plumber suspects that there may be a leak in a pipe behind one of your home’s walls, they will use the thermal camera to provide images through that wall. The camera will be able to display images of both the cold and hot water. So, if there is, in fact, water leaking, the visual report from the camera will not only make that clear, but it will also show the plumber exactly where the hidden leak is located.

These thermal leak detection cameras are helping to take the guesswork out of leak detection. Because they allow plumbers to know exactly where a water leak is located right from the start, it allows for the repairs to be much quicker and easier. Plus, these cameras aren’t invasive in any way. When you hire plumbing professionals, they no longer need to dig around in different areas to search for the source of a leak. They can simply check several different spots with a thermal camera until they receive clear visual indicators that they’ve found an issue.

Your Indianapolis Plumbing Professionals

When you need reliable plumbing services in your Indianapolis, IN home, we at Indiana Leak Detection are always available to help. We offer leak detection services as well as drain cleaning, hydro jetting, water heater services, and much more. When you hire us for a project, you’ll always receive honesty, integrity, and absolute professionalism. If you have any questions or would like to make an appointment, contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!




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