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by | Apr 9, 2024

Do the stains on my wall mean my home has a slab leak? (ILD)

You do a great job of keeping your Johnson County home clean and attractive, but you’ve been dealing with a frustrating problem. Stains have begun to appear near the bottom of your walls and on your concrete flooring. You’ve tried to scrub and bleach the stains, but they just keep coming back. Worst of all, you’re not sure where they’re coming from.

It’s entirely possible the problem isn’t something you can see. Your home may have what’s known as a slab leak. While that leak is just an annoyance right now, the experts at Indiana Leak Detection warn that ignoring slab leaks can lead to far more serious damage and other problems.

What exactly is a slab leak?

Slab leaks occur when pipes embedded within the concrete foundation of your home develop leaks. Over time, water coming through those leaks will seep through cracks and other voids in the concrete slab, spreading around and creating the potential for damage to your home’s structure. Several factors can lead to slab leaks, including incorrect installation of water pipes, construction issues, pipes that have been damaged by freezing and bursting, and even chemical reactions between the pipe’s materials and surrounding substances.

Is my problem a slab leak or something else?

Stains on your wall may suggest a slab leak, but there can be other causes. That’s why it’s so important to investigate the stains’ characteristics and try to locate the source. Water stains often appear as areas of yellowish or brownish discoloration on walls, ceilings, or floors. They may feel slightly moist or even damp to the touch and frequently spread over time. If they’re closer to the ceiling than the floor, it’s likely they’re caused by problems other than a slab leak, such as a pipe in the wall that has a leak or a problem in an upstairs bathroom.

Likely signs of a slab leak

A true slab leak can become apparent in any number of ways. Often, the warning sign appears in your water bill. If your bill has suddenly jumped significantly, but you haven’t been using extra water, a slab leak may be sending that water you’ve paid for into the ground. A common symptom is the growth of mold or mildew on walls, floors, or baseboards. If a warm spot has mysteriously begun to appear on your floor, it may be caused by a leak in a hot water pipe below it. Cracks in flooring and walls are also a common sign. Finally, another sign of a potential slab leak is a sudden drop in your home’s water pressure.

Slab leaks are hard to find

Because slab leaks normally occur in places you can’t readily see, such as under your home’s foundation, it can be difficult to find them and pinpoint the problem on your own. Even if you do manage to find the slab leak, repairing it creates a whole new set of challenges. That’s why smart homeowners don’t mess around with slab leaks. They know to call plumbers with special expertise in slab leak detection and repair, like the team at Indiana Leak Detection.

Slab leaks require professional help

Plumbers who specialize in slab leaks know how to perform a thorough inspection of your home’s plumbing system to identify the source of the leak. They use today’s most advanced leak detection technology, such as electronic leak detection, infrared imaging, or pressure testing to precisely pinpoint the location of the slab leak. Based on that location, they’ll recommend the best way to fix it, which may involve using a jackhammer or similar device to cut through the concrete so they can make a repair. Once they’re done, they’ll repair the slab and offer advice on the best way to clean up after any damage.

Get help right away

Slab leaks can quickly lead to very expensive damage to your home’s foundation and even compromise its integrity. That’s why if you even have a slight suspicion about a slab leak, call the professionals at Indiana Leak Detection right away. They employ today’s most advanced leak-detection technology to find and pinpoint the source of slab leaks. Plus, they know the best ways to repair any damage so your system can protect your home and family.




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