4 Plumbing Options for Repairing Slab Leaks

by | Jan 17, 2023

Whenever plumbing leaks show up in your Indianapolis, IN area household, it’s crucial to get them repaired as soon as possible. Slab leaks are certainly no exception. If you’re unfamiliar with slab leaks, they’re water leaks that occur beneath the concrete slab foundation of your home. When one of the water lines underneath the slab becomes damaged, water can begin seeping up into your home and/or accumulating beneath it. Either way, the problem can end up costing you quite a bit of money and causing you major inconvenience. So, as soon as you suspect that your home is dealing with a slab leak, you should give us a call at Indiana Leak Detection. Our expert plumbers will promptly find the source of the leak and get to work repairing it. Here, we’ll take a closer look at the different methods that can be used to fix slab leaks.

#1 – Pipe Rerouting

Generally, the best method for repairing a slab leak depends on the specifics of the situation. And in some cases, simply rerouting the plumbing is the most prudent option. By using this method, the plumbers you’re working with can avoid digging beneath your home, which will typically make the job quicker and quite a bit less invasive. If it’s discovered that your slab leak is only affecting one small section of piping, skilled plumbers may be able to reroute your water to circumvent that section. They can achieve this by installing new plumbing lines above ground. This tends to be a cost-effective method, and it has a very high success rate. 

#2 – Repiping the Plumbing System

In certain cases, a slab leak may necessitate repiping the entire plumbing system of your Indianapolis home. In some households, the water lines beneath the house are encased within the concrete foundation. When that’s the case, the only way to access those pipes is to destroy the concrete slab, which turns the repair into a much larger and more expensive project. In those situations, it’s often a wiser option to re-pipe the household. Expert plumbers will be able to route your new pipes around the concrete slab rather than through it. They’ll also be able to find fitting spaces around your home to install your new piping. And when the process is finished, your household will be equipped with a set of brand-new pipes, which you shouldn’t need to worry about leaking for several years.

#3 – Trenchless Pipe Repair

Another popular method for repairing slab leaks is trenchless pipe repair. The trenchless method is known for being minimally invasive and more affordable than most other options. With this method, your hired plumbers will need to dig relatively small holes to access the section of piping that needs to be repaired. They’ll then use a specialized camera to scope out the extent of the damage and ensure that trenchless repair is a viable solution. Once they’ve determined that it will work, the plumbers will repair the damaged water line using epoxy pipe liners, which eventually inflate and cure to complete the process. Trenchless slab leak repair is very effective, and its biggest advantage is that it doesn’t require excessive digging around your home.

#4 – Tunneling Under the Slab

If keeping your home completely intact is a top priority, tunneling beneath the concrete slab may be a good choice for repairing your slab leak. This method isn’t the quickest, but it does have its advantages. For one thing, you and your family can stay in your home while the job is being done. Plus, there won’t be any need to dig through your flooring or make a mess in your home. For this type of repair, the trained plumbers will dig tunnels beneath your home’s concrete slab, which will give them easy access to the damaged piping. Then, they’ll simply repair the leak as necessary and refill the tunnels. In some cases, professional plumbers will bring in engineers to handle the tunneling aspect of the project.

Indianapolis Leak Detection Professionals

At Indiana Leak Detection, we’re proud to provide reliable leak detection and plumbing services to both residential and commercial customers in the Indianapolis area. Whether you’re dealing with a slab leak or any other plumbing-related issue, our expert team of plumbers will gladly assist you. Our plumbing professionals are highly trained and knowledgeable, and they’ll find the most thorough and cost-effective solution for whatever you need. To learn more or schedule an appointment, contact us today!




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