by | Oct 16, 2020

We are all in love with streamlined designs. When you look into a space, minimalistic, uncluttered rooms tend to pack more of a punch. In the interior design world, less really is more. However, you don’t want your sleek design to interfere with the functionality of your space. It still needs to address and take care of the fundamental bathroom requirements, not to mention your own operational desires. This balance, between form and function, must be met in order to truly give you the bathroom of your dreams.

We here at Indiana Leak Detection are going to relay some tips that will help you establish just that.

#1: Pay Attention To Your Bathroom Accessories

You may not think these are part of your design, but they are: toilet paper holders, towel racks, hand soap holders, and the like should not be an afterthought. You need these to create a functional space! However, you don’t want plumbing fixtures to interfere with your design or aesthetic.

When designing your bathroom your accessories can fall under form just as your faucets and fixtures can! Want your holders to disappear? Go with clear accessories. Want to make them a cohesive statement? Choose matte black accessories. Your functional pieces can actually help tie your space together!

#2: Include A Lounge Area

Adding a seating area to your bathroom can be extremely beneficial to both creating a lounge-like relaxing space and providing a spot to plop down while you do make-up or help your daughter with her hair. If you have the square footage, seating will only escalate your bathroom in both form and function.

#3: Plan Your Lighting

Lighting is essential. If you do not have recessed lighting, you must add lighting to the essential areas of your bathroom, including your vanity, toilet, shower, and tub. These areas must be bright at night not only for your safety but also for basic function. From wall sconces and chandeliers to floor lamps and track lighting, there are numerous light fixture options that will marry any design.

#4: Discuss Appropriate Materials

Remember, all materials that go into your bathroom must not be negatively affected by water. You don’t want your design to deteriorate over time. Additionally, it is important to know where each appropriate material goes. Larger tiles are more slippery when wet and should be used on walls, not flooring. These small details go a long way in establishing function.

When discussing bathroom installations, contact Indiana Leak Detection at (317) 497-0024! We will make sure your design is both beautiful and functional.



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