by | Mar 21, 2017

It’s the ideal time to begin considering your impact on the world around us. With World Water Day here on March 22nd, millions are reviewing their home water usage and analyzing the best ways to reduce water waste. World Water Day is also time to consider the challenges others face.

There are currently 1 in 10 people around the globe without access to fresh, clean water. This means we must take the time to look more closely into water conservation solutions ready for population rises to come. Here, we’ll review World Water Day and what you can do to conserve water locally.

What Is World Water Day?

Created by the UN in 1993, World Water Day is part celebration of water access and part recognition that we must do more to safeguard our resources.

The day allows people around the world to consider how they use water and how we can best channel clean water to those in need. The theme for 2017’s event is wastewater, which is a leading contributing factor behind the lack of resources worldwide.

What Can You Do to Help?

In recognizing water access issues, there are many steps you can now take to move forward and preserve resources locally. Just a few changes to your everyday routine can have a lasting impact on the region. Here are a few water conservation tips for safeguarding healthy water access locally:

Use a low toilet- Low flow systems use less than half the amount of water that regular toilets use per flush. And this can mean that you’re significantly reducing your water consumption by choosing low flow technology. With the latest low-flow systems offering significant performance advantages over past versions, you can now gain the same benefits while reducing your consumption by installing low-flow toilets.

Cut down on dishwasher use – Your home dishwasher uses several gallons per rinse. This can mean that, if you’re not using the dishwasher efficiently, you’re wasting a large amount of water every day within your home. Simply wait until you have a full dishwasher load before running your system.

Communicate with others on water access issues – By building a community and ensuring you focus on disseminating information on the water access challenges we face around the world, you can help create ideas for resolving these challenges. Speak to others in your social group and try to organize local meetings.

It’s an ongoing challenge that impacts millions around the globe. To learn more about how to reduce your water consumption this year, speak with our trusted Indianapolis team at (317) 497-0024.



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