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Possessing requisite knowledge to prevent imminent gas leaks is crucial towards preventing deadly disasters from occurring. It is therefore of paramount importance to have a comprehensive understanding of what is a gas leak and at the same time on how to prevents such leaks from occurring in your Indianapolis home.

Detection Methods

There are various methods that can be used to detect gas leaks, with the most common being the smell of the “rotten egg”. In case you suspect there is a gas leak around, there are several steps that can be initiated to prevent disasters from occurring. If you detect a gas leak in a building whether it is in your home or office, leave the building immediately and ensure that you desist from using electrical items such as mobile phones and switches. Electricity is known to ignite natural gas leakages. Also avoid open flames such as matches or lighters. Finally, leave the area and get in touch with the utility company who is properly trained to manage such a crisis. However, in order to prevent any potential gas leak, it is advisable to follow the steps below.

Follow Manufacturer’s Instructions

Unfortunately, by the time gas leaks are detected from a “rotten egg” smell or from a strange sound, it has already transpired into a potential emergency situation that may become uncontrollable.

It is therefore advisable that the best way of controlling a gas leak is for you to always follow the manufacturers. Ensure that the appliance is properly installed and regularly serviced with a licensed expert.

Conduct Regular Home Audit

Conducting regular energy audit can help to detect any potential gas leaks. Most buildings have small gas leaks that are difficult to detect by a layman. Energy audit experts have the skills and equipment to detect any potential gas leakages and in case any leakage is detected, the pipes and equipment can be tagged for immediate repairs.

Energy audit experts will conduct a Combustion Appliance Safety and Efficiency Tests, and in certain instances, they can use calibrated gas leak detectors at pipe joints. Such equipment is able to test for natural gas, propane leaks, and any potential carbon monoxide leaks.

Regular energy audits have been found to be one of the best ways of protecting your Indianapolis home.

Keep Appliances out of Reach

Gas products should be protected and installed far away from kids reach. If you happen to be having a new visitor such as a house girl or a nanny, ensure that they are properly trained on how the system is working and on how best that they can always adhere to manufacturer’s safety instructions.

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