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There are pipes in the foundations of a house and when those pipes start leaking, that is when a slab leak occurs. It is extremely difficult to locate a slab leak but if it isn’t located early on, it can cause a lot of headache for a homeowner.

This is why regular plumbing maintenance is important. Regular maintenance can ensure that the leak is caught on time and fixed as soon as possible by a professional plumber. A slab leak can impact the price of the house in the real estate market and continue to be a problem until it is fixed.

Here Are the Causes Behind a Slab Leak and Tips on How a Homeowner can Prevent Them

What Causes Slab Leaks? – Slab leaks are caused due to the following factors –

Corrosion – Pipes are made of metal and while being underground, electrolysis can occur causing corrosion in the pipes, leading to holes, and eventually, slab leaks.

Abrasion – Because of contraction and expansion of pipes due to the water, and vibrations during traveling, the surface of the pipes can get leaks due to constant abrasions.

Pressure – Either because of bad construction of earthquakes, there is a lot of pressure on underground pipes. This can lead to slab leaks.

Defect – A construction defect causes the most expensive slab leak situation.

How Can You Prevent Slab Leaks?

Here are a few preventative tips:

In order to prevent slab leaks, the appropriate water pressure should be maintained in the pipes at all times.

The pH level of the water should be checked to ensure that the pipes are not getting corroded from within.

Chemicals should not be poured down the drain of homes because they can cause damage to the pipes from the inside and lead to slab leaks.

It also helps to take a look at the signs, such as high water bills, no water pressure in the pipes, leaking foundation of the house, and rust colored water.

Only a professional plumber should be chosen for regular maintenance of the plumbing system of a house. Professional plumbers are equipped with the right tools and knowledge, and have years of experience in locating a leak and preventing it. They can also fix a leak before it eats up the foundation of the house.

Another benefit of hiring a professional plumber is that homeowners can rest assured that the work would be performed in the best way possible.

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