by | Oct 17, 2014

The foundation of your home is one of the most important aspects of the building. If the foundation is dealing with leaks and cracks, this can be a problem for the integrity of the entire home. Because of this, it’s important to recognize foundation leak causes and have the experts deal with them as soon as you think you have one in the home. By keeping an eye on foundation cracks and leaks, you’ll be able to get the problem repaired immediately and prevent further damage from happening in the future. Let us help you with our leak detection services.

What Could Cause a Foundation Leak?
There are a lot of things that could ultimately cause a foundation leak. For one, if you live in a high flood zone area, you might deal with more leaks in the basement of the home than usual. This is because the pressure of the water on the bottom of the home could cause it to seep into the actual foundation. This theory applies greatly to homes that are located in flood zones and deal with a lot of natural rainwater disasters throughout the year.

Another cause for foundation leaks would be a crack or hole in the foundation that can be caused by a natural shifting of the concrete or the actual age of the foundation itself. If you’re living in a very old home, you might want to have the foundation examined every couple of years to check for cracks and holes. This is just as a precaution so that you won’t be dealing with some massive leaks down the road. Even new homes can deal with cracks in the foundation simply because the home may shift after it has been built and while it is settling into the ground.

Getting the Leak Fixed
Once you find out that you’re dealing with foundation leaks, it’s very important to have it professionally fixed and repaired by an expert company. Having the pros do the repair work for you saves time and guarantees that the issue is being dealt with in the absolute best way possible. This is why it’s important for you to thoroughly examine the foundation and to consider having the foundation evaluated every few years by the experts. This can determine if there are any cracks, leaks or holes within the foundation that could possibly cause rainwater and flooding to seep into the home from the outside.

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