What to Do About Slab Leaks

by | Dec 29, 2021

You have countless things to maintain, repair, and eventually replace as a homeowner. One of the most important things to keep up with is leak prevention or repair, and there are several parts of your Indianapolis home that can leak, including the slab foundation. 

Slab leaks can cause unnecessary water waste and potentially damage your Indianapolis, IN, property, requiring complex and costly restorations. However, there are some precautions you can take to prevent a slab leak and the associated unwanted repairs. 

What Are Slab Leaks? 

Homes built on a cement slab are often designed with the plumbing below the foundation. Various pipes arranged beneath the slab will carry water to the necessary rooms within the home. Slab leaks occur when one of those pipes breaks or cracks, causing water to spill into and beneath the concrete.

Any pipe placed in and under the slab should be protected with a rubber sheath to prevent damage as the house settles or the ground shifts. Improper installation or wear and tear of the protective covering can lead to corroded pipes that eventually leak.  

What Are the Signs of a Slab Leak? 

Although slab leaks may not be easy to detect in your home, there are some signs that a leak may be present. 

These signs include: 

  • Damp areas on the floor 
  • Warm spots on the floor where a hot water pipe is leaking
  • Hot water coming from the cold faucet 
  • Unexplained increase in water bills 
  • Mold or mildew present on the floor 
  • Water running after the faucets have been turned off 
  • Unexplained low water pressure 

While these are all strong indicators of a slab leak, the only way to confirm it is to call a slab leak detection expert in Indianapolis. 

How Can a Slab Leak Be Prevented? 

Because slabs are typically hidden, a leak may go unnoticed for several weeks. This will lead to property damage, and your water bill will skyrocket. To prevent this from happening in your Indiana home, you can take a few proactive steps to stop slab leaks from forming. 

Avoid Too Much Water Pressure 

Many people enjoy having high water pressure. However, too much pressure can create weak pipes that will rupture. If you think your water pressure may be too high, consider contacting a plumber to inspect your system. They can make the necessary adjustments that will help prevent slab leaks.   

Install a Water Softener

Hard water can negatively impact your pipes, too. If the water near your Indiana home is hard, you may need to have a water softener installed to help correct the issue. 

Avoid Chemical Drain Cleaners 

A simple and effective way to remove a clog from your drain is using a chemical drain cleaner. But these are very harsh chemicals and can harm your pipes. It is always best to contact a plumber who can snake your drains when you have a clog. 

Annual Maintenance 

Schedule an annual maintenance appointment with a licensed plumber at Indiana Leak Detection. They can monitor your sewage and water lines and test the water pressure. Regular maintenance of your pipes will also help prevent clogs that tempt you to use hard chemical drain cleaners. 

What to Do About Suspected Slab Leaks   

Even though you can take proactive steps to prevent a slab leak in your Indianapolis home, leaks can still develop over time. If you suspect you have a slab leak, contact Indiana Leak Detection experts right away. 

The sooner you address the problem, the less property damage you’ll have to repair under the foundation and within your Indianapolis, IN, home. 

Getting a Slab Leak Repaired 

If you do need to have a slab leak repaired, you can consult with a technician from Indiana Leak Detection. We offer you professional diagnostic and repair services that will help stop water damage from occurring to your property. 

At Indiana Leak Detection, our experts in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas are equipped with the tools to diagnose and repair slab leaks.   

Depending on the type of repair required, it should take around two days for the plumbing part of a slab leak repair. However, it could take longer to restore your home to its previous condition if the flooring or carpeting needs to be replaced. 

Servicing Slab Leaks in Indianapolis Homes 

Trust the slab leak detection technicians from Indiana Leak Detection. Our experience and training in leak detection make us experts in our field. Call us or fill out our online request form today to begin your slab leak repairs.   



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