Do You Know What to Do About Gas Line Leaks?

by | Dec 29, 2021

Most people know that a gas line leak can create a dangerous situation for your home. Headaches, dizziness, nausea, and vomiting can all be caused by breathing in natural gas. Because these are symptoms of many other illnesses, you may not realize that it is a minor gas leak that is making you sick. 

A major gas leak is more noticeable because it fills your home with the very familiar smell of sulfur. If you notice an unpleasant odor in your home that you suspect is natural gas, leave immediately, and call a professional in Indianapolis for help.  

Identifying a Gas Line 

Natural gas is delivered to your home through a pipe called the gas line. You likely need this fuel to run your appliances, like the water heater or stove. Typically, a gas line is made of a black iron or copper pipe that comes through the wall or floor and flexible steel tubing that connects the pipe to the appliance.  

Signs You May Have a Gas Leak 

It’s not uncommon for a home to develop a gas leak at the threaded fitting. Gas leaks are caused by corroded pipes, poor lines and fittings, a poor hook-up job, defective pipe threads, or old valves. 

Here are five signs you may have a gas leak in your Indianapolis home:

Visible Dead Plants 

You can’t see the gas line running underneath the soil. But if there is a noticeable patch of dead grass or plants, you may have a leaky pipe underneath. 

Hissing Sounds

If you hear a hissing sound coming from your gas lines, it’s a strong indicator that you have a gas leak. A hissing sound usually indicates a serious leak. 

The Smell of Rotten Eggs 

Natural gas is filled with an additive that gives colorless, odorless gasses an awful smell for a reason. Most people identify the smell as rotten eggs, sewage, or sulfur. Although the smell may be unpleasant, it is a safety feature that utility companies use to help identify potential gas leaks.  

Failing the Bubble Test 

One of the quickest ways to identify a potential gas leak is to perform the bubble test. This process is a simple test that also works for tires and propane tanks. 

To perform the bubble test, complete the following steps: 

  • Mix a small amount of dish soap with water 
  • Turn on the gas 
  • Use a sponge to wipe down the area with the suspected leak 
  • If bubbles form, you have identified a leak 

If you notice any bubbles in wet areas of your home, there may be an underground gas leak, and you should hire an Indianapolis professional for gas line repair. 

White Mist or Fog Present

Any unusual clouds of mist or fog throughout your property could signal a ruptured gas line. You’ll need to call the gas company right away.  

What to do If You Find a Gas Leak

If you find a gas leak in your home, immediately open the windows and doors. Evacuate yourself, your family, and any pets, but do not try to turn off the gas. Don’t use any appliances or matches or even attempt to start your car. Any of these actions could cause a spark and damage your pipes and appliances. 

At this point, it is too late to identify the source of the leak. You need to call on the services of a professional in Indianapolis to find the leak for you. Contact the gas company, and if you cannot reach them, call the fire department. 

Preventing a Gas Leak 

A gas line leak can be scary, but there are steps you can take to prevent one in your home:

  • Have professionals install any gas appliances 
  • Do not move gas appliances frequently 
  • Ensure fittings are tight and properly sealed 
  • Get an annual inspection by a licensed plumber

When dealing with the gas lines in your Indianapolis home, enlist the help of a professional. Gas lines can be dangerous for those who lack the skills and knowledge to maintain gas lines safely. 

Professional Help for Gas Line Repairs in Indianapolis, IN

If you’ve noticed any of the signs discussed in this article or failed a bubble test, it’s time to call in the professionals. 

Contact the plumbing and leak detection experts at Indiana Leak Detection. Our team provides professional gas line repair services to the Indianapolis area using only the best equipment available. We want the repair to be done right to prevent any damage from happening to your home, so reach out today. 



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