What Is a Sewer Inspection?

by | Sep 16, 2021

Protecting a property from sewer damage does more than upholding the lot’s value. When you get ahead of sewer line damage, you preserve the health of your family and home. If you’re ready to invest in professional sewer services, leak detection specialists with Indiana Leak Detection in Franklin, IN, can help you schedule your first sewer line inspection.

What Is a Main Sewer Line Inspection?

Your main sewer line breaks off from your ancillary lines. You can choose to have a team of professionals inspect this line in addition to the ancillary lines or differentiate between the various lines running through and around your home.

Either way, the inspection process will look the same. To conduct a sewer line inspection, a team of leak detection specialists will invest in what is known as a sewer scope. This “scope” is a professional camera attached to a snake line. This team can use this camera and its related screen to inspect your sewer line for obvious signs of damage.

The most common forms of sewer line damage to make themselves known during a sewer line inspection include:

  • Tree root invasions
  • Cracks
  • Collapsed lines
  • Clogs
  • Infestations

While you can predict what may be wrong with your sewer line based on some of the symptoms your home experiences, it’s impossible to know what issues plague your home until you order an inspection. Professionals will use a sewer scope to get a clear picture of what damage you’re contending with, at which point they can brainstorm solutions.

When Do You Need a Sewer Line Inspection?

There are a few occasions during which a sewer line inspection may benefit your home. For example, if you’re considering purchasing a new property, you can request a sewer line inspection to ensure that the original owners aren’t hiding any damage from you.

It’s also a good idea to schedule a sewer line inspection at least once every two years. Even regular inspections when nothing’s gone wrong with your sewer line will help you stay ahead of substantial damage. When you get to know the sewage professionals in your area, and they can familiarize themselves with your sewage line, it’s easier for you to invest in any services you may need later down the line.

Finally, you’ll want to consider a sewer line inspection if you start to notice signs of damage around your property. Common symptoms of sewer line damage include (but are not limited to):

  • Strange, unpleasant smells outside of your home
  • Well-fertilized patches of lawn near your home
  • Cracking pavement or outdoor steps
  • Unusual foundation behavior
  • Toilets that drain more slowly than usual
  • Mold growth in your basement, crawl space, or bathrooms

When you call on Indiana Leak Detection professionals for a sewer line inspection, the team can also assess the state of any damage around your home. This exterior inspection will reveal what kind of trouble, if any, you may be contending with.

How Can You Budget for a Sewer Line Inspection?

Homeowners worried about the cost of preventative or diagnostic sewer line services may not want to reach out to area professionals for fear of these services’ costs. It’s easier than you might think, however, to budget for a sewer line inspection.

The average sewer line inspection comes with its own cost. If your sewer line is larger than average or has several ancillary lines, then you may be charged an additional fee for a more extensive inspection.

Additional fees come to light if it appears your line has been damaged. Professionals do not recommend leaving your damaged sewer line unattended for a significant period of time. After your sewer line inspection, you can sit down with a team of professionals to discuss what repairs your home may need and, of course, cost.

Find Sewer Line Inspection Services in Indiana

Sewer leaks are more than just temporary inconveniences. You cannot keep your home safe if your sewer line is leaking. 

Indiana Leak Detection serves Franklin, IN, and the surrounding areas, ensuring that residential properties get the sewage and gas care they need. If you think you have a sewage leak on your hands, get in touch with the Indiana Leak Detection team. To schedule your home assessment, you can call our office. Please also feel free to direct any service questions you may have to a team representative using an online form.

Don’t wait for a sewage leak to impact the health of your home. Schedule preemptive and cursory sewer line inspections with the Indiana Leak Detection representative in your area.



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