Common Causes Of Slab Leaks

by | Sep 14, 2021

A slab leak happens when the pipes in or below your home’s foundation crack or rupture. They’re called slab leaks because they happen below or within the concrete slab under your home.

At first, a slab leak may be barely noticeable. Unfortunately, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage while it goes undetected. That’s why it’s so important to recognize the signs of leaks in your Indianapolis, IN, home so that you can call in a professional for slab leak detection

What Are the Warning Signs of a Slab Leak?

One of the first warning signs that homeowners will often notice is a water bill that is suddenly much higher than normal. If this can’t be explained away by excess water usage that you are aware of, there’s probably a leak somewhere. 

Other signs include low water pressure and unexplained damp spots on the floor. Any one of these is a good indicator that it’s time to call a slab leak detection professional.

6 Common Causes of Slab Leaks

What leads to a slab leak? Here are six of the most common reasons why slab leaks occur.

Ground Instability

If the dirt beneath your foundation shifts, your house can move, as well, causing your home to settle slightly.

Soil shifting can be caused by erosion, lack of appropriate fill material under your home, underground water sources, or even an earthquake. This is something that can cause a lot of damage very quickly. If nothing is done about it, the basement or first floor of your home might flood.


Underground pipes may rub against gravel, rocks, concrete, and other abrasive materials. This constant friction can lead to wear that in turn leads to leaks. 

Hot water pipes are the most at risk for friction or abrasion-related damage. This is because the pipe expands as it heats, causing friction.

Poor Construction

This is probably the most common cause of slab leaks. When builders choose poor-quality materials or fail to ensure that pipes are installed correctly, leaks can happen. This is even more likely to happen if the pipes suffered any kind of damage, such as being bent, before they were installed.

If your home is older, the pipes buried under your home might be copper. This can also be problematic, as the soft nature of copper makes it particularly vulnerable to being damaged. 

If slab leak detection uncovers copper pipes, your best option is usually to replace the pipes instead of attempting to repair them.

Water Quality Issues

Pay attention to the pH level of your water. If it’s acidic, that means you have hard water. If it’s too alkaline, it’s soft. You can also recognize hard water if you find greenish-blue stains in your tub and shower or smell that familiar chlorine odor. 

Over time, water that is too acidic can leave harmful deposits that clog your pipes. Soft water can also be caustic.

Water Pressure

If your pipes cannot handle the amount of water pressure coming into or going out of your home, they can burst. If that happens below your house, the leak can come up beneath your home and cause a significant amount of damage.

Passing Time

The truth is that pipes just don’t last forever. When they are buried underground, pipes are subject to greater stressors. Eventually, they may give in to corrosion, friction, or pressure. 

This is why it’s important to keep up with regular plumbing system maintenance. Fortunately, if you search for plumbers near me, you can find someone who specializes in slab leak detection in Indianapolis, IN.

Steps to Take If You Think You Have a Slab Leak

If you think you have a slab leak, keep an eye out for damp spots on your carpet or floor. You should also check for mold spots under carpet or flooring, hot spots on the floor, a constant sound of running water, high meter readings, and wet spots near your foundation. 

These issues can be caused by many things, but if you call out a professional, they can help you to determine whether a slab leak is to blame. It’s important to prioritize slab leak repair simply because of the amount of damage that can be done so quickly.

Call for Slab Leak Detection Services

If your home has a slab leak, it can lead to mold and water damage, rotting wood, vermin, foundation damage, and even collapse. 

Save your home from potential devastation if you notice any signs of a slab leak. Call in the team at Indiana Leak Detection. We can help you to determine the source of the problem and get it taken care of right away.




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