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Sewer lines seem as if they last forever. Those lines rest beneath the ground and remain there innocuously year after year, decade after decade. One might think these lines are indestructible. Of course, that is not the case. Problems can and do arise with sewer lines.

Staying on top of these problems is very important or else very costly damage may occur. Calling a plumbing company to work on the sewer lines at the first sign of trouble is probably the most important thing that could be done.

Serious Clogs

This one should not be a surprise at all. Likely, clogs are the most common problem a sewer line is going to experience. Clogs can be unavoidable even when the greatest care of all is taken.

Be on the lookout for slow flushing toilets, gurgling in the drain, and other signs of impending clogs. Obviously, overflowing toilets and drains are a sign of a 100% clog. Calling a professional service is strongly recommended when unsanitary clogs arise. Most definitely, DIY jobs are not recommended.

Roots and Corrosion Leading to Leaks

A sewer line can suffer a leak due to a number of reasons. Age is one of them. Corrosion is yet another. Roots growing through the ground can actually pierce the metal of the septic lines. Regardless of the reason for the damage, the sewer line ends up leaking severely.

Outside of the home, puddles could show up on the front lawn reflecting raw sewage seeping into the mud. Leaks are only able to get worse and they do not fix themselves. Contacting a plumber to do work on the sewer line, possibly relining the pipes, should be done without any delays.

A Sunken Pipe

Depending upon how the sewer line is designed, there is the risk that a portion of the pipe will sink directly into the ground. Why is this all that big of a deal? Waste can pile up in the pipe due to the inability for things to travel properly through the line to the sewer system or septic tank. This is one of those problems you may not notice right away until other issues start manifesting from it.

Always Deal with Professionals

No matter what troubles are arising from the septic lines, only a plumber with experience with working on these lines should be called in. With the right skill, a reputable plumber is able to get a sewer line working properly again.

Knowing about the sewer line in your Indianapolis home is important. Call Indiana Leak Detection at (317) 497-0024 to learn more about treatment options!



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