by | Sep 19, 2014

A sewage leak is an emergency and should always be treated as one. The wastewater can contaminate your belongings, create structural damage, and even make the home’s inhabitants ill. If you ever notice a sewage leak, it’s important to act quickly to prevent additional problems. At the first sign of problems, please call us right away so we can come to access the cause and quickly repair it.

While you’re waiting for us to arrive, and throughout the cleanup process, be sure not to let children or pets anywhere near the leak. If necessary block any entry points and find someplace else for pets to stay.

Once you’ve made sure that everyone is safe, call your insurance and ask how to proceed. While it’s a good idea to go ahead and take pictures of the damage, your insurer may require you to not move anything until an adjuster can come and access the situation. Any adults who enter the area for any reason should wear protective clothing including gloves and appropriate masks.

Assuming that your insurance gives you to go-ahead, you should then proceed with removing personal items from the area to prevent additional damage. It’s best to only remove what is absolutely necessary; the spores and dust that are stirred up during the cleanup process are harmful to your health. While you’re in the area, take care to touch as little as possible and not stir the air. Get out as quickly as possible and leave as much of the work as possible to the cleanup professionals. Remember that it’s likely any items you remove will need to be properly disinfected. It’s best to store them in plastic bags until the cleaning process can be properly followed.

Unfortunately, the cleanup process is likely to include more than just disinfecting personal property. There is a good chance that flooring and drywall may need to be replaced. While this may be expensive and time-consuming, remember that failure to completely clean up the mess will likely lead to bad smells, mold growth, and health problems later on. Just like disinfecting, this process is best left to professionals who will have the proper safety equipment.

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